How to get there:From Tin Dragon Trail Cottages turn right onto the Tasman Highway (A3). Drive up over the hill out of Branxholm. Continue along the Tasman Highway through Derby, Moorina to Weldborough (26km). Continue another 6.8km to the little Plains Lookout and junction with Lottah Road. Turn left into Lottah Road. Lottah Road is a gravel road that is suitable for the family sedan car. Drive for about another for 5.5 km, cross over theCrystal Creek bridge and find a car park on the side of the road. Look carefully for the yellow paint and damgaged sign on a tree next to the road (LHS) that marks the start of the Don Mine walk.

Abandoned Crystal Creek bridge in North East Tasmania

Less than 100m up the road look carefully to see a long-disused road on the RHS. This will take you down to the abandoned bridge. Don't try to walk across, because it has many rotting timbers! From here you can follow the track that crosses back over the road and to the start of the Don mine walk.

You can read more by downloading this pdf document.