Ringarooma River sunset

World Traveller visits Tin Dragon Trail Cottages (Dec 2015)

During December 2015, we were excited to host a film crew from China's premier travel organisation: World Traveller. World Traveller is a dominant force in the China travel media market, providing a one-station travel information platform targeting China elite and professionals. The media giant owns magazine, travel guidebook, TV program, broadcasting, phone WAP and has an affluent online membership club. As part of their recent visit researching Tasmanian culture & lifestyle a film crew stayed with us at Tin Dragon Trail Cottages in North East Tasmania.

They enjoyed the relaxed-style of our bar-be-que on the bank of the Ringarooma River—featuring Ringarooma lamb and beef with Dalrymple wines, Little Rivers craft beer, Pyengana cheeses and fresh locally grown salad vegetables and berries. They all agreed their first Aussie Pavlova covered with lashings of whipped cream and local berries was a treat. They were delighted with the antics of a passing echidna and a platypus swimming in the river and bemused by Rusty—failed sheep-dog—and the inquisitive alpacas. But most of all they loved the outdoor home-made wood-fired bar-be-que and the special taste this cooking-method imparted to the meat!

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